Full-Service Community

We offer many home care services to our patients. Depending on your specific requirements, you can get customized medical checkups and nursing services. Some of our primary services include the ones below.

Doctor Care

If you cannot come to our clinic, we will send a doctor to your home to diagnose your condition. The doctor will evaluate the health condition of your home, and he may recommend home renovation changes.

Nursing Care

This is the most common type of home care services. When a doctor recommends that you receive specialized care, you can register at our clinic. Our nurses will help check on your general health, administer medication, regular therapy, and wound dressing.

Social Services

Our clinic is blessed with social workers, some of whom have years of counseling experience. Besides, we have a wide range of community resources that you can use to manage your condition.

Health Aides

Our home health aides can perform functions such as wound dressing and home cleaning. This assistance is ideal because it leads to specialized care in a conducive environment.

Home-delivered Meals

We give you full support

We have chefs who prepare nutritional meals for the elderly and people with special needs. If you can’t prepare the meals yourself, one of our home care assistance will deliver the meals to your doorstep every day.